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We are able to cater for a wide range of functions and events and have done a number of work functions, conferences, partys, weddings and private dinners.

we have plenty of room to fit 200+ people and still have room for a DJ and dance floor

We offer a wide range of food options including

(Note some of these options are only available when the entire venue is booked exclusively)


Our full menu

Alternate drop

You pick a couple of meals and we only serve those, can save you money and saves everyone the hassle of ordering.


Can be completely customised and can consist of roast lamb, Cajun chicken, roast veggies, fresh salad, coffin bay oysters, lobsters, prawns, steaks, salt and pepper squid, calamari, bread and fruit platters.

Finger foods

good for work conferences or party's, can do seated or standing, and can consist of canapes, meat platters,

seafood platters, cheese platters, spring rolls and can be customised to whatever meets your criteria.

As prices very depending on number of guests, day of week and food options its best to contact tim at for prices

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